Adventure Based Inspirational Romance Series

Adventure Series - Summit, Rustlers, African Skies

Adventure based inspirational romance
Strong troubled women taking risks and moving toward spiritual well-being. Learning more about the goodness of God as they encounter romance and adventure. Each is based on a setting the author has experienced and learned from.

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Children’s Christian action-adventure books.

Anika Scott Series with a feisty female protagonist

Anika Scott books

The Anika Scott series of children’s books for ages nine to twelve
Adventure, excitement, danger, and discoveries about God and how to live his way - you'll find it all with Anika Scott. Join this twelve-year-old dynamo who always ends up in unusual situations and relies on her ingenuity and her faith in God to get her through.

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Somali Warriors – watch Ian and Farrah, young men from different cultures as they encounter conflict and adventure

Somali Warriors

Somali Warriors: Ian learns the high adventure of trusting God as he gets involved in emergency flights, war, and wounds.
An action-adventure novel set in Northern Kenya. Ian, a bold twelve-year-old, flies with his father into danger and copes with war, wounds, and emergencies as he begins to learn the high adventure of following God in all circumstances.

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