It’s almost April, Easter weekend, and yet snow and ice are still cold on the ground. It seems not very hopeful some days. We’ve had more snow in March than in much of the winter. And we’ve had storms and challenges that had nothing to do with weather.

Phil and I are working at learning to live with Phil’s diagnosis. As you saw in the previous blog, my father went to be with his Lord. And there were smaller bits of rough weather piling on top of the others: with taxes, root canals, plumbing issues.  Like the snowstorms, one after the other, it seemed like they just kept coming.

Canada geese began to come back earlier this month, only to face deep snow and frozen water. They stayed. Each pair looking for patches of open water, calling to one another in flight across grey skies. The pairs of geese show so much courage and commitment. They lift my heart.  This pair was in the creek near our house this morning :-)